Our holistic approach

Achieve target blood sugar levels with ease!

At Apollo Sugar Clinics, we understand the hurdles your diabetes poses. To help you reclaim life and manage diabetes in the best possible manner, we have come up with a holistic approach towards diabetes treatment in the clinic, at your home, or anywhere!

In-Clinic Solutions:

Our state of the art In-Clinic services include:

Technology Solutions:

Going beyond the clinic, our technological solutions enable you to reach your targeted blood sugar levels effectively.

Apollo Sugar Diabetes App

Apart from the above, we educate patients on the usage of Glucometers for self-monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Management Center

Adding to the provision of personalised care, we provide a whole range of services with our Diabetes Management Center. This includes:

Outbound calls by our Expert Team:

Our diabetes experts call you periodically to enquire, provide information, and to resolve issues that affect diabetics.

Personalised Health Coach:

Get advice, tips and counselling from doctors and experts to manage your blood sugar levels.

Questionnaire guided health counselling:

Committed to being with you for proactive diabetes management, our diabetes counselling helps you address key issues.