Pregnancy and childbirth is a sweet experience. Unfortunately, it does not get sweeter with high blood sugar levels in pregnancy. It leads to gestational diabetes, and possible complications to you and your child.

First the stress of pregnancy, and then the need for extra care. Gestational Diabetes can make you nervous.You might have apprehensions on what to eat, and how to exercise. That is why you need a care that stays with you and helps you constantly.

Apollo Sugar Clinics Gestational Diabetes Program is conceived to provide care during pregnancy, and after delivery. From managing your blood sugar levels on a daily basis to providing you consultations with expert Endocrinologists, our Gestational Diabetes Program stay with you constantly.

High blood sugar levels is certainly a cause for concern in pregnancy. It can influence the health of the fetus and cause future risk of diabetes in the mother.

To ensure safe pregnancy and to avoid complications, women with gestational diabetes need constant support. They need support to balance diet to provide nutrients to the baby and keep sugar levels under control. There might also be need for medication.

Moreover, women with gestational diabetes have to measure their blood sugar levels four times a day and they have to make a note of these readings. Now, this job is done without any effort with Apollo Sugar Clinics Connected Glucometer!.

Our Gestational Diabetes program is an integrated care system that helps you deal with high blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home

Sugar GDM Inclusions
Doctor Consultation6
Diet Consultation and Education6
Lab Test
Sr creatinine1
Retina scan/Eye exam1

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We care kit

BP, Ht/Wt assessment6
Sugar Mobile Apps1
Diet Consult(Phone)24

Glucose Monitoring

SMS Reminder24
Sugar Test

Sugar One Online

Get a quick and complete assessment, robust treatment plan, and effective action guide for self-care with Sugar One.

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More stability, better control, and a reason to stay worry-free. Making Diabetes Care Smart for you. Experienced Doctors. Connected Technology. Support of Experts

Gestational Diabetes Success Stories.

diabetologist kolkata

Ms. Shrusthi Jain

I never knew I could have diabetes and I ended up having diabetes when I was pregnant. I was very much depressed and sad. The doctors at Apollo Sugar explained all about gestational diabetes. They helped me monitor my sugar levels and gave the perfect diet plan. Now, I am a happy mother. My baby …

diabetologist kolkata

Ms. Manisha Sharma

Gestational diabetes broke my heart. I cried a lot and no one could console me. That is when my husband took me to Apollo Sugar for a consultation with a diabetes specialist. Really courteous staff and experienced doctors. They helped with my diet plan, and were there for me always. Highly recommend their gestational diabetes …

Diabetes Success

Ms. Pragna Patel

I had a huge emotional setback when I was told I had gestational diabetes. It was frustrating and scary at the same time. But my visit to Apollo Sugar gave the confidence that I can get through this rough phase. I am glad I opted for the gestational diabetes program. I take this opportunity to …

diabetologist kolkata

Ms. HariniMadhav

I was having sleepless nights after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My gynecologist suggested me to consult a diabetes specialist for that. Right after my first visit to Apollo Sugar Clinics I was very much relieved. I really thank the doctor and dietician for helping out.